• Speedqueen Speed Queen AFNE9BSP305XW  Wasmachine 12.5kg

Speedqueen Speed Queen AFNE9BSP305XW Wasmachine 12.5kg

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From the mechanically rolled brushed finish on the hood to the 1 million button pushes during testing, you know the outside is as solid and reliable as the inside. Our electronic controls are the most durable on the market. In fact, the controls manufactured for home use are the same controls you’ll find in laundromats, hotels, and other commercial applications. Speed Queen laundry equipment is designed for commercial use and applies the same technology and commercial grade components to all of our models intended for use in the home. Our machines are tested to 10,400 cycles. When you take into consideration that the average user washes 8 loads per week, 52 weeks per year, that equates to 10,400 cycles or 25 years in the average home.


Type: Frontload
Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz
Capacity: 10.5Kg
Material: Stainless Steel
Technical details

Digital Display

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